"Alice Pushes Through the Looking Glass" Courtesy of oldbookart.com

“Alice Pushes Through the Looking Glass” Courtesy of oldbookart.com

Welcome to my blog!

Please forgive the sparseness of this page – I just wanted to have someplace for people to land other than the latest post I have written, so they can choose what they want to read. My topics vary, and what one reader likes might be something another reader doesn’t want to waste time looking at.

I hope you will click on a category that interests you, and read a post or two. This blog was created in September, 2014, so if there isn’t much content now, there soon will be. I publish every Wednesday. Feel free to comment, as well.

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stanley K. Gutiérrez

    Pardon my calling you by your first name. But, as I’ll be 59 this coming August 14, I’m of the generation of referring to people as Mr. Miss and Mrs. I believe you can relate. I put my first 4 computers together from a kit. I’m am conversant in DOS, Assembly….in short I grew up with computr technology. On November 9th, 1984, I was in a 72 mph Auto-Pedestrian accident. I wasn’t the one driving. I suffered a severe TBI (traumatic brain injury). After four years of getting better, I went back to college, got another degree, this one in Laser Electro-Optics Technology with a minor in High Vacuum Technology. Now my old head injury is reinserting itself. So we’re both dealing with technology issues. I replaced my iPhone last year. I still have my iPhone 4 & iPhone 5s. Apple devices are really easy to use. Apple uses an intuitive software design. If you would like to try it, I’d be happy to give it to you. The 4 is an AT&T iPhone and the 5s is Sprint. All you need to do is send me a friends address, yes you need to be careful. You’ve my email. I wish I could be of more help.
    Ciao Deuce


    1. Victoria Post author

      First of all, congratulations on how far you’ve come since your accident! I hope this recent setback is only temporary. Here’s hoping for a return to better health…

      Regarding technology, I recently switched from a Windows laptop to a Mac, and I agree that – in many ways – Apple products can be very easy to use. In terms of a phone, I got a Motorola Moto G awhle back, and after an initial, albeit steep, learning curve, I am now really glad that I bought it. I have blogged about my struggles with technology and am continually pushing myself to understand and use all the different things my phone can do. I am still discovering new apps and pre-installed features that I never dreamed were possible!

      My unfamiliarity with technology comes from two aspects of my life: one, I haven’t had the money to buy anything too advanced; and, two, I have relied far too heavily on my adult children to just “fix stuff” when anything having to do with electronics is involved. It’s time I learnt what I can, (mostly) on my own. Having a background training up neural networks does not at all translate to understanding anything else involving computers, I have found.

      I thank you very much for your kind offer, but I think for now I will stick with Moto. I thank you, too, for subscribing to my blog – and I hope you continue to read it and comment on it!

      Welcome to my world!



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