Weird & Wonderful Websites

"Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers" Courtesy of

“Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers”
           Courtesy of

Here are some weird websites you may like:

All About Occult: Site run by a nice young man, that’s interesting and not all “woo-woo”.  I comment on that site a lot.

Who Forted? Magazine – Much like the Fortean Times (which is, sadly, no longer online), a collection of weirdness around the world.

Fate Magazine – Yes, that old favorite from childhood is on the internet.  The name says it all!

The Center for UFO Studies – Founded by J. Allen Hynek, the man who brought us 2 iconic additions to our vocabularies: “swamp gas” (he later really regretted that), and the classifications of encounters (after which they named the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”).  This is my favorite UFO site.

The Anomalist: Just as you’d expect.  Various links to various fascinating stories on the internet.

Bad UFOs: Skeptic site, very entertaining and informational.

Doubtful News: Skeptic site, balanced and sane.

The UFO Trail: Also a skeptic site, by Jack Brewer, balanced and sane.  And the author responds to comments and emails, unlike some other people, such as Kevin Randle and Paul Kimball who are both, in my opinion, jerks.  Randle’s site was the one where I got attacked in the comments section, for asking a question.  Kimball apparently doesn’t have time to respond to positive feedback on his now-defunct TV show “Ghost Cases”.  Sorry I plugged it now!

And more in the category of “wonderful”, than “weird”, check out my friend’s blog:

He writes terrific narratives and takes pictures that are just as great!

Some cool retail sites, just because:

ThinkGeek: From Dr. Who to color-changing faucets, they’ve got it all.

Retro Planet: All those toys you remember from childhood.

Strangest Products (might not want to open this in front of kids, some products are not G-rated)

Spirit Halloween: Buy decor and costumes here.

Exploding Kittens: It’s a card game!  Fun for everyone who loves kittens, explosions, goats, and zombies.

Candy, because…reasons:

Old Time Candy:  They even have gift boxes that feature products from different eras, like the 1970s etc…and those come with a little booklet explaining what life was like in that time period. And, no, the candy isn’t old except in the sense that you usually can’t get it anymore – all are still manufactured.  This is the ONLY place you can get Uno Bars, which was a childhood favorite of mine growing up in California.  They also sell Ice Cubes!!  (Not the water kind, obviously, but a chocolate cube that tastes as if it were cold…um…hard to explain but oh my goddess, so good!)

See’s Candy:  Another childhood thing.  Check out their pops!  And they have some of the best truffles, ever!

Reading, Writing, No ‘Rithmatic:

RhymeZone: Yes, it does.

Project Gutenberg:  Free books!






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