Introduction and Some Boundaries

My very first blog post! It took a lot of time and a lot of dithering to get to this point, because I am by nature a somewhat private person, and the thought of something I’ve written being
available to anyone with a computer had me stalled for awhile – until I realized that I have
already written things online (comments on forums and other people’s blogs, Facebook,
chatrooms) so it really isn’t a big deal.

I am careful, however, to not mention other people unless they want me to, as I am very aware that being mentioned online without permission can be upsetting to some. Also, I value my family’s privacy and it is solely up to them to put things out there on the internet if they so choose. So this blog will be limited to my opinions and thoughts, and your comments about what you think.

Regarding comments, I doubt there will be a huge influx of people flocking to read my blog, but even if I don’t know you, you are of course welcome to comment. I consider it my right to delete said comment if I find it is offensive, contains personal attacks (not just towards me, but
towards anyone who comments here), or is about “job opportunities” (“You can make a million dollars just like I did, click on this!”). That goes for “psychic sites” (“Sister Mathilda brought my husband back to me!”), any kind of product endorsement, or a brief comment with a plug that is intended only to plug your own blog/website (“Great blog! Go to”).

Additionally, if you want to include a personal anecdote in your comment, that’s all well and good, but try to keep it at a reasonable length and also keep in mind that, though I may address things like mental and physical health issues, I am not here to do therapy and I am certainly not qualified to give medical advice.

I will update the blog each week, barring something unforeseen, and will also include a “weird news” item at the end of each entry – just because I find anything Fortean to be entertaining – and maybe a book or movie recommendation. I have recently “cut the cord” and have turned to Hulu for my main source of video entertainment, and it’s also given me more time to read.

So, now that all that is out of the way, here is your weirdness for this week:

Someone is/was selling a “haunted mirror” on Ebay for $7,500.00 or best offer.  Sorry I do not have the link, as I think the auction has ended or he took it off the site. The seller claims the mirror is a portal to the spirit world, and he has blurry pictures to prove it!

He was/is selling “haunted bricks”, but what those are, I am not really sure – bricks to throw and break out windows of haunted houses? Bricks that mysteriously build a barbecue in your backyard while you’re sleeping? Apparently these bricks are shown behind the haunted mirror, aka “a wall”. Does he give refunds if the brick de-materializes and travels back to take its former place in the wall?

I have a ‘different’ belief system but even I have to draw the line somewhere – this is way too much ‘woo’ for me!

Movie recommendation (almost 20 years too late):
“Dance Me Outside”, a Canadian film about, and featuring, First Nation people in a film that is often funny, sometimes tragic, and thankfully lacking obnoxious racist stereotyping. I saw it, of course, on Hulu. You can probably find it on DVD somewhere. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Be aware, be awake, be mindful, and be kind!


3 thoughts on “Introduction and Some Boundaries

  1. AndyDrew Heyman

    I watched Dance Me Outside and enjoyed it. I am a big fan of this genre’ and have seen several. My favorite, from about the same era, is Smoke Signals. If you haven’t seen it, search it out. It is really a much better story and film, but very much the same as well.


  2. Victoria Post author

    I have seen Smoke Signals – have mixed feelings about it, but mostly liked it. One of my other favorite films is called “Powwow Highway”, a film by David Seals (poet, activist) with music by U2 and Robbie Robertson. Really a wonderful film. Might make that my next film recommendation, actually.



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