The Ebola Outbreak of 2014, Part 1

It’s worrisome. though. We are fast approaching the flu/cold season, and a time when many of us are crowded together in different places like shopping malls, airplanes, and doctors offices/hospitals. The CDC tries to allay fears (“CDC: Airborne Ebola Possible But Unlikely”, The Hill, 10/7/2014), even as news sources broadcast pictures of people in hazmat suits spraying the sidewalks around one of the Dallas nurse’s apartments (“Confirmation of Second Ebola Case Rattles Dallas” Dallas News, 10/12/2014) and even the hospital parking lot she used.
This does not do anything to reassure people. If you can only get the virus from coming into direct contact with bodily fluids, etc, why is it necessary to spray the bushes and sidewalks outside someone’s apartment complex?

The news also reports the plane she flew on was decontaminated – twice. Once while in Dallas and once when it got back to Ohio (“Plane Used by Ebola-Infected Nurse Was Cleaned and Back in Service Next Day”, ABC News, 10/15/2014). Does this seem strange to anyone else besides me? I think had I been on either of those flights, I would be at UPMC Altoona asking to be tested for Ebola, and I would be fairly hysterical about it, too.

It would help a lot, I think, if someone – from the CDC, or from the US gov’t, or even President Obama – would get on TV and reveal everything they know. I think people do a whole lot better when they have the facts in front of them. And, though I have been known to criticize our government on many occasions, I would never in a moment think that they would knowingly allow an epidemic to spread – if for no other reason than Ebola doesn’t care if you are a congressman, a doctor, or a “just a regular guy”.

Since Cleveland, Ohio, is only 100 miles or so from the PA border, there is already talk here about Ebola spreading if, indeed, the Ebola-infected nurse infected anyone else she came into contact with.  Who then went to Pittsburgh and/or beyond.

More as the story unfolds…

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