Bigfoot and Plato and Witches, Oh My!

Did I mention I have gotten fired from almost every therapist job I have ever had, because I stood up for a patient/client? Or just because I irritated the heck out of other therapists by creating my own therapeutic interventions and making them look, well, uncreative and boring?

I know that sounds big-headed, but I really am a pretty good therapist.  Hey, everyone needs at least ONE thing they can be proud of doing well, right? 

More side-notes: At least one therapist that I know of actually stole an intervention I created, and presented it at a workshop (“You don’t mind, do you?” she drawled – yes, that was in MS). At another place I worked, some therapists got upset because people were asking to change groups to go to mine (and THAT was at my last job, in Altoona).  That was also the place I got the ‘scary’ pagan clients.

The world is a petty place, I find. Petty and underhanded when you are different. And it’s painfully driven home at this time of year.

Well, this year it won’t be so bad. I am on disability so I don’t need to put up with crap at work, and Hollidaysburg actually celebrates Halloween, so you don’t see all those nasty church signs and leaflets (like you do in Memphis) about paganism and Halloween. I really appreciate living here, just because of that.

The rest of it, the attitudes and such? Those seem to be all-too-common in most places, unfortunately. They are based on things like…

Wrong Assumption #1: People are poor because they did something bad/wrong/drug or alcohol-induced. There but for the grace of (add your deity here) go you. Stuff happens. Oftentimes people are poor due to no fault of their own.  It’s not because anyone’s deity is mad at them, or they chose poverty while in spirit before being born, or because they somehow “fear success” and attract bad things/people to themselves.

Wrong Assumption #2: Pagans are ignorant and do not know the Bible. Most of us were not born into paganism, and, for the record, I was raised Episcopalian and have attended more Bible studies in the Methodist church than a lot of people have – I know the Bible and can quote it, if you like.  Most of us know more about the Christian religion than they know about ours. Sometimes we know more about the Christian religion than they do themselves (I take no joy in that, actually).  I think the things Jesus said were brilliant and insightful (especially the stuff about hypocrites, and faith).  Most of us are polytheists, not atheists.

The moral of this entry? “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato said that and I think it’s a good rule to live by.

And try not to be wrong-headed.  If you think about it, it’s really hurtful.

Ok, on to the weird…

From Snopes and UPI, a story from China about 100 pairs of pants simultaneously ripping when soldiers sat down en masse:

“100 Pairs of Pants Rip at Chinese Military Event”

The story reports that it raises questions about the Chinese military’s preparedness. Well, I found it funny, anyway, in a Monty Python kinda way!

and a bonus weirdness…

“Bigfoot Couple Sighted in Pennsylvania” from the BeforeItsNews website…

I think the key to this mystery is when the male half of the couple (who took the pic, not the bigfoot couple) stated:

“I said to my girlfriend, you’re not going to believe the attention I am going to get from these shots…”

Maybe get some Christmas money, you know? And he’d better get that girlfriend of his something really super-nice.

Today’s recommendations are for a movie called “The Mothman Prophecies” (2002), starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney, and Debra Messing; the book the movie was based on (“The Mothman Prophecies”, 1975 – Nook, Kindle, paperback), written by John Keel; and, a new TV series called “The Mysteries of Laura” (Wednesday nights on NBC or Hulu Plus) whose title character is played by Debra Messing.

The first one is kinda scary, the second one is really scary – especially if you live in/near the W.Va town it’s set in, and the third one is laugh-out-loud funny.

Enjoy these autumn days, hug your loved ones (human and furry), and eat caramel apples!

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