Extra Bonus Weird-But-True Story Redux


You know, these weird things in my apartment have always been far apart in time…maybe once every year or so.  So today I had banished “the case of the mysterious dresser” from my mind for that reason.  That, and since I do not understand it, have no pictures or witnesses to the event, and don’t know why it happened, no point in dwelling on it.

Next event, if there is one, won’t be for a long time, right?

How wrong I was.

This afternoon I was reading an e-book (“Love All the People” by Bill Hicks) and pondering whether the cronut is a blessing or a curse (both, I decided), when…


Noises – very loud ones – coming from the hall right outside my apartment door.  So I got up, opened the door, and there right up against my door was a very large box of last year’s Halloween decorations.  On its side, as if thrown (and that’s certainly what it sounded like).

The Halloween decorations that I was going to get down from the attic tomorrow.

The attic that has a locked door and can only be accessed by someone already in the house, who then has to go up 2 sets of stairs and right past my apartment to get to it.

No one was home but me.

I moved the box out of the way and (warily) went up the stairs to the attic door.


I kind of knew it would be, because had someone been in the attic, I would have heard them walking around (as the attic is directly above my apartment).

After a few frantic conversations with a friend who I knew would believe me, I have calmed down considerably.  But if this keeps up much longer I think I am going to move.

It’s nerve-wracking enough to think that your apartment is haunted, and obviously I don’t mind that much because I have lived here for awhile.  No, the thing that really gets to me is the sudden noises.  As anyone with PTSD will tell you, that malady carries with it an exaggerated startle reflex, so loud noises can easily unnerve me.

“Ok, you have my attention, can you please stop throwing things?” I said to..whomever.  Fortunately (I realized later), no one actually answered.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done, had someone replied.

But it gave me an idea.  Not a great idea, but something to try, anyway.

I think I will get a small digital recorder and see if it actually does say anything, in the form of an evp (electronic voice phenomena).  My opinion on evps are mixed, and quite frankly I think most of them are fake, or the result of suggestion (“We think it’s saying ‘get out’!” someone tells us, so that’s what we think we hear).  But I’m open to trying.

And not at 3 AM, either.  Those of you who think haunted weird things only happen at night, well here’s ‘proof’ that they do not necessarily – as this happened at around 4 PM.  The whole night thing is just for effect, for TV/movie dramatic purposes.

Plus, I am not about to creep myself out by sitting in my attic at night.  I have an active imagination and I would rather keep it out of any investigating I might do.

I’ll keep you updated.


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