Manic Medicos, Nitwit Nurses, and Fernando

The ride home was considerably quieter than the ride to State College.

The driver talked about how he is going to go to school to get a counseling degree (jr college) and then open up a business using nature to help people.

Driver: You know, take them out to the woods for a weekend and focus on spirituality.

Yeah, nothing says ‘spirituality’ like using a captive animal to kill other animals for the human’s sport.  Ought to bring families together with the common goal of…being cruel.

I told him about when I worked in a section of a hospital devoted to addressing spiritual issues as well as mental health ones (most patients there were neurotic, not psychotic).  Trying to be nice, I suggested a couple of New Testament parables that translate nicely into therapeutic assignments, considering he wanted to approach counseling in that way.

It kept my mind off the doctor’s visit, anyway.  The driver didn’t upset me, at least, just kind of vaguely amused me.  I used to find people like him irritating, but since they just don’t get it (don’t get life, in general) and won’t listen to anyone else’s point of view, I don’t find it worth my energy to get upset with them.

Hey, I am not the spiritual police.  Let him find out what life’s really like, on his own.  If he lives long enough, he will probably learn tolerance.

As I got out of the van, finally home, the driver told me he enjoyed our talk and asked could he ask what religion I am?


“Oh, I think you’re a lot more Christian than you let on…”

Sigh.  Ok, define me.  And piss off.

I got upstairs and took my temp.  100.6.  And my fingers were starting to swell.  Geez.  Still feeling like crap and nowhere near to finding out why, I did the sensible thing –  I took a nap.

Woke up and emailed Dr. Wonderful, basically (since they limit the medical email site to 1000 characters, the bastards!) telling him that Dr. Manic lost her temper, twice, and that I was intimidated and upset.  He will probably call her, and I hope he does.  Certainly she will make his list of people he won’t send patients to.

Oh, and how does Fernando fit in all this?

“You Look Marvelous”, 1985 clip of Billy Crystal in ‘Fernando’s Hideaway’, Saturday Night Live…

One of the things he says is, “It is better to look good than to feel good.”

My new motto.  For now.

I didn’t find a weird news item I liked, but I found an article that really pissed me off:

“Buffalo Township Woman Sentenced to Jail for Selliing Pot”

65 years old, sent to prison for 15-30 months for selling hydroponically-grown pot to support her grandkids.  Her grandkids whose mother has died.

She lives in a trailer, for goodness sakes!  She’s not a gangbanger, she didn’t sell hard drugs…oooooooooo this just makes me SO MAD!!!

I don’t think pot will ever be legal in PA.  These folks are so damn backwards it’s pitiful.

I sent her lawyer Jeffrey Wasak a note through, asking him if there was a legal defense fund or something where people could send contributions.  Or if we could write her.  Or do anything to help.

I’ll post his reply if he responds.

Just another reason I would like to relocate.  PA is a beautiful state but I cannot stand the politics, and the lack of progressives where I live.

Anyone have suggestions about moving to a more progressive place, let me know.  Seattle is a possibility but I don’t think I can afford it.  However, they have medical pot, and my daughter lives there.  Please send any ideas my way….hard to relocate when your source of income is social security disability, but maybe there are programs out there to help that I am not aware of.

Enjoy your families, those of you who are off on Thanksgiving trips.  To everyone else, stay warm!

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