National Brotherhood Week

They killed the editor, 7 journalists, a maintenance worker, a visitor, and 2 policemen (one of whom was Muslim).  One of the victims was a woman, despite early reports that the gunmen were sparing women (like that would make a difference gee)…it’s telling to report that this woman, a  columnist for Charlie Hebdo, was Jewish and had received threats like “Dirty Jew you should stop working for Charlie Hebdo or we’re going to kill you” (“She Was Definitely Killed Because She Was Jewish”, CNN online, 1/9/2015).

Do not be misled by articles such as those you find at the Al Jazeera news site (I am not going to link to it because I have been saying for years that Al Jazeera is a tool of Islamic extremists, so you can look it up yourselves if you can stomach it), that say the reason these madmen did what they did was due to French colonialism in Algeria.

What a load of bullshit.

They hate Jews, they hate anyone who isn’t Islamic, and they do not hesitate to kill those who do not fit into their worldview. Their extremist, hateful world view, which is in stark contrast to the world view of the Muslims I know.

But wait! There’s more..

The gunmen escaped, and were found with a hostage at a printing house.

Meanwhile, a traffic accident was staged and a gunman opened fire when the police showed up, killing 1.  The gunman was identified as Amedy Coulibaly, a French-born Sengalese who had a history of drug trafficking and robbery (“Armedy Coulibaly”, Wikipedia).  This gunman went on to attack a kosher grocery/restaurant and take hostages.

French police coordinated their responses and launched assaults on the printing house and the grocer.  The brothers who killed people at Charlie Hebdo came out firing and were killed.

At the grocers, the gunman was dead and so were 4 of the hostages.  The rest were rescued.

(Timeline courtesy of the Times of Israel, “Timeline of Terror in Paris”, 1/11/2015.)

It’s alleged that Coulibaly had an accomplice, a genius (sarcasm) by the name of Hayat Boumediene (his girlfriend or wife, depending on the report).  CNN reports she wasn’t even in France during this massacre; witnesses disagree, stating they saw her.

She was last reported to be in Istanbul.

Here is CNN’s report on who these terrorists were/are, and who they were/are connected to.

But make no mistake about it, this wasn’t just about mocking Muhammed, it is all about a deep-seated hatred for Jews.

In fact, there is already buzz on the internet from certain stupid people that all these acts would have been avoided had Israel, well, basically had Israel not existed.  Again, Google it if you want to read hateful garbage, as I am not going to link to any of it.

This is an extreme example of things that have been happening in France for awhile.  But there have been other antisemitic acts before this:

~ In 2006, a Jewish man named Ilan Halimi was kidnapped, tortured, and later found fatally injured near a train station in Bagneux, France.  A French-Arab man who lived above the place where Mr. Halimi was being tortured stated, “I knew they had someone down there, I didn’t know they were torturing him.”  At least 20 people participated in the abduction.  One of them contacted a rabbi to demand ransom money, stating “We have a Jew.”  (“Torture and Death of Jew Deepen Fears in France”, NY Times website, 3/5/2006)

~ In 2012, gunmen opened fire on a Jewish school in Toulouse, killing 3 children and a teacher (“The Kosher Grocery Shooting Follows a String of Anti-Semitic Attacks in France”, The Slate online, 1/9/2015).

~ This past summer, a couple were robbed and the woman was raped by home invaders who stated, “You Jews, you have money”.  (Ibid)

~ Also last summer, pro-Palestinian youths attacked Jewish businesses, firebombed synagogues, and chanted, “Death to the Jews” and “Slaughter the Jews”.  This came on the heels of an attack on the Jewish Museum of Belgium.  (Ibid)

You can read the rest of it through the above link.

3 thoughts on “National Brotherhood Week

  1. charlies5169

    Excellent post. Unfortunately, antisemitism will never completely go away any more than racial animosities. And ironically, many people will contnue to use religion to justify both.

    Although i will say it hasn’t been as bad, or maybe as blatant is a better term, as it was years ago. My son learned how to fight at a young age, out of necessity. We got several calls from the school for about two years about it. Of course the kids that “started it” with antisemitc comments never seemed to get punished. On the other hand, i don’t think too many seven and eight year olds came up with those type of comments on their own.

    But that all ended by the time he got to middle school.

    As far as Israel and the Palestinians, i’m afraid there will never be peace because of four words…”God’s on MY side.”


  2. Victoria Post author

    I’m sorry your son had to go through that. It’s awful to have your child bullied. Mine was too, but for different reasons and, unfortunately, it continues to this day in his adulthood. To have someone hate your child just for who he is…it’s unfathomable to me.

    “We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” – Golda Meir. A somewhat chilling and prophetic quote, and sadly very true. There cannot be peace when one side demands the complete and utter destruction of an entire people.

    I think taking religion out of it would force people to stop making excuses for horrible behavior, so on that we can agree.


  3. charlies5169

    Fortunately for Evan, it didn’t last long. He was able to put a stop to it, and then he got into sports and music, and it was no longer an issue.

    But i agree with you completely about taking religion out of the equation.



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