Life is Strange Enough – Quit Making Stuff Up!

Hahahahaha!  Got ya!  Nope, ain’t no kinda book like that out.  It is just my wishful thinking, after spending a few hours on my Nook looking for ghost stories (fiction only).  Mixed in with the fiction, of course, are the “life after death”, angels, evil entities, hauntings, and other New Age books that claim to be true.

Now look – those following my blog know that I do not have a disbelief in ghosts.  In fact, I have chronicled some of the activity in my apartment caused by I-don’t-know-what: footsteps up and down the stairs, things being thrown, doors opening by themselves, that kind of thing.  My good friends who know me in real life, know I am not lying.

I am also neo-pagan.  So I have a belief in magick.  And various gods/goddesses, though I must admit that lately my faith in anything outside of what I can see and feel is waning a bit.  Because I don’t see paranormal things that often.  Most ghost hunters, indeed, will tell you that activity is few and far between, and so it is in my apartment.

But I am so sick and tired of these charlatans, these foofoo woowoo whatever they are, with their blatant lies and self-righteous bullshit.  And they have the nerve to charge a lot of money for books, even Nook books (which are usually pretty inexpensive).  Or go to conferences and make a lot of money that way.

Recently, a boy who claimed that, as a child, he died and went to heaven, has retracted it all, saying he did it for attention.  (And his father did it for money, I assume)  So many people are disappointed, as they bought into it completely.

I won’t detail what was in the book, because I haven’t read it, but basically the kid says he sat on Jesus’ lap and met the devil and all kinds of weird things.  Now he says that only the Bible is infallible and no one should believe a human being about these things.

Sigh.  He still has some learning to do, I think.  Bless his little heart.

Another, but more culpable individual, is a neurosurgeon who claims that, while he was in a coma, he went to heaven and did all kinds of things like fly on the back of a butterfly.  It wasn’t even good fictional reading, to be honest, and he was so arrogant about it all that I thought, “well heaven sure didn’t teach him anything, did it?”  He was an arrogant prick before, and he’s still one.

He knows the TRUTH.  And of course all the celebs who believe almost anything (hello Oprah), are all promoting his book and I think it was actually a movie at some point.

He has a new book out now.  This time he apparently is trying to prove his experience’s validity by citing ancient philosophers and pulling out that old stupid trick of twisting physics to prove your point – relying on the fact that most people know nothing about physics, so it sounds good to them.  Hey, Deepak Chopra’s made his whole living out of using his ignorance of physics to convince people his woo woo ideas are scientific.  Because, besides being a neo-pagan, I am also a former experimental psychologist.  I am versed in the scientific method and it irks me to no end when people either dismiss it as “just another belief system” (science, that is), or make up stupid “experiments” that wouldn’t pass a peer-reviewed journal on any level because the design is badly flawed, the hypothesis unworkable, and it doesn’t have strict protocols to control for errors.

I have never claimed, nor will I ever claim, that my beliefs and what I know scientifically are the same thing.  They aren’t.  Life isn’t black and white like that.  There is belief, and there is science.  I cannot stand it when people mix the two.  Belief is based on faith, on subjective stuff.  Science is based on facts, and experimental data – and when New Agers criticize scientists because we say “with a 95% confidence level” and not “this is 100% true” by saying this just proves that NONE of what we know scientifically is fact, I want to tear my hair out.

Or tear theirs out.  Then use it to beat their chi back into the stone age, where their minds are.

Just another rant on a random day, because I am cranky.

Be good.  Be open-minded but try to work out what’s real and what’s not before you turn your money or your heart over to someone who is just out for what he/she can get.

2 thoughts on “Life is Strange Enough – Quit Making Stuff Up!

  1. charlies5169

    Another enjoyable post.

    Unfortunately, i have some experience with someone similar to the woman you described in the beginning. But i’m afraid this is not the forum for that… maybe offline someday.

    However, i gotta say I am in complete agreement with you abput these types of people. Then, the other side of the coin… H.L. Menken!

    Great post, as usual.


  2. Victoria Post author

    Thanks. I have only personally known one ‘reader’ in my life, a young man who was a friend’s companion (the friend was a witch). He didn’t read often – it wasn’t his main thing – but if asked he would be quiet a minute, then come out with some stuff that he could not have possibly known under any circumstances. To be specific, it was a warning about my ex-husband that turned out to be true and I am really glad I listened to him. Extremely helpful (life-saving, as a matter of fact) but extremely creepy and I never asked again.

    Other than that, I have had people volunteer readings and stuff and none have been anything even approaching accurate.

    A friend and I spent an evening in chat, many years ago, giving “readings”. We said things like, “you will meet a man, somewhat short but kind of tall, with darkish light hair”. Really ridiculously vague and stupid things, and people thought it was real (even after we told them we were just kidding). Sad, really, in how easy it is to fool people. I never did it again, it wasn’t funny after the first hour or so.

    Myself, I read tarot but never for anyone else. Not anymore. Too much responsibility I do not want.



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