Reiki Don’t Lose That Number

I have a feeling that some of the other patients didn’t fare as well, judging from the emptiness of the waiting room.

I don’t think it’s because the clinic was full of addicts, and they split rather than deal with this guy.

No, I suspect it’s because they were perhaps forced off pain medication, and are no longer patients there.

As for the staff, and the PA I had been seeing for 3 years?  I have no idea where she went, and I know it’s futile to ask because no one ever tells the truth about that.

I have no idea why a pain management clinic would hire this guy.  He doesn’t seem like the sort to sell out his principles (weird as they are) like that.

Is the clinic now going to offer Reiki healing?  Hypnotherapy?  “Intuitive healing”? (I don’t know what that is.)

Because if their aim is to get people off opiates, they have to offer some other alternative to pain management besides a TENS unit – which has minimal effect, I have one.

We discussed diet (he was pleased I am a vegetarian), exercise, yoga, and meditation…all of which I do – not as strictly as I should, but I do them.  The yoga is physically painful, so I don’t do that much.

But I distinctly remember one time, years ago, when I was having a lupus flare, facial rash and everything, and this guy told me that I “expected to have lupus”, so that’s why I had symptoms.

In other words, it was a somatic complaint.  “All in my head.”

He is a dualist – he thinks that the mind is separate from the brain.

And, while I agree that one’s attitude can affect one’s health, I do not believe that autoimmune disorders are caused by thinking them into existence, nor do I think that I am the type to just make shit up.

I have inflammation, somewhere, due to something.  That’s why I run a fever almost every night.

His idea is that if I just think differently, and eat some kind of anti-inflammatory diet, that all will be well.

But I have to think, as smart as he is, he doesn’t really understand the human body very well.

Reiki healing, as I understand it, relies on the idea that everyone has some kind of “life force” (“ki”, or “chi”, same thing) that can be adjusted/healed/re-aligned or what-have-you.

The fact that there is zero proof that this “force” exists is apparently not relevant to the people who are into this.

But, you know…I am Wiccan.  I am hardly in a position to criticise other peoples’ beliefs.

The difference is, I don’t tout Wicca as “science”, “truth”, or anything other than a vague belief or wishful thinking on my part.

When people charge for Reiki, or claim it is a legitimate medical discipline, I don’t think that’s honest.  I think many of these people are con artists.

Then there’s the clinic guy – I don’t think he’s a con artist.  I think he really believes in this stuff.

Now I feel I have to find out who actually owns this clinic – did it change hands somehow?  Or is he just working there because he needs the money?

Are their policies going to change?  And, since PAs have to be supervised by doctors, who is the doctor at this clinic?

I have no idea how to find out, but I’ll give it a shot, because I am nosy that way.

As for the tapering, it’s ok (so far).  I have some leftover stronger pills so am going to taper a bit more slowly that he recommends, but I will try it this month.

He told me that, if it wasn’t working out, I could go back to my regular dose next month.  That remains to be seen, as my regular dose was starting to not work as well (tolerance), and the new nurse told me in no uncertain terms that the PA would not increase the dose.

Which kind of seems stupid, because if someone develops tolerance you pretty much have to increase the dose.  Or the person is in pain.

Again, the idea that somehow this is all going to be cured by weight loss and a degree of fitness…that’s just nonsense.

It will help, maybe, but it won’t cause my disks to grow back.  The ideal, in my mind, is to get artificial disks but that’s not an option for po’ folk.

If I was a gullible type, I might even try this Reiki thing.  But since I think that any success with this is due to the placebo effect, I doubt it will work for me.

And I would be astounded if Medicare paid for that, or for acupuncture.  Astounded, and angry.

Anyway….today’s weirdness comes from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab at CalTech.  It shows a 3D rendering of the bright spots on Ceres – no one still knows what they are.  I was going to embed the YouTube video, but there was a message that said “This video is unlisted, so think twice about sharing.”  Pfft, ok then, I won’t.

Here’s the link.

What do you think they are?  Volcanos?  Some kind of really bright metal?  Cthulhu’s secret castle?

Recommendations for this week: A really cute game for Android called “AlphaBear.”  Basically a word game, where you try to make as many words as possible from the letters given, and each time you do, a teddy-bear-type cartoony thing gets bigger.  And you can earn special bears like “FrankenBear”, “Ghost Bear”, “Robber Bear”, and “Unicorn Bear.”  Squeeeee!

Oh, and check out this trailer for “Longmire”, which premieres on Netflix tomorrow – the show is worth a look if only for the music.

Be good.  Be kind.  Drink pumpkin spice lattes!!



2 thoughts on “Reiki Don’t Lose That Number

  1. Charlie Smih

    PA is just a spooky place to begin with. The laws of science, logic, common sense, the universe and any other sundry cosmic rules do not apply. Or maybe they’re just suspended indefinitely.

    Everytime I’m there, I expect to see Rod Serling, (or maybe even Rod Stewart) delivering some sort of back-story.

    Don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure why your friend is suddenly working in the pain clinic. You’ll just end up drooling and babbling feeding pigeons in the park.

    Just content yourself with the fact that its Pennsylvania and that’s really explanation enough.

    And watch out for gremlins on the wing.



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