October, Gently.

Weirdness for the week comes from right here in Pennsylvania – which shouldn’t surprise anyone who lives here, because Pennsylvania is definitely an all-around weird place:

“Cancel Your Plans Because the World is Ending Today, Christian Group Claims” shouts this Huffington Post article dated today (10/7/15).  A website based in Sharon Hill, PA (238 miles east of Hollidaysburg, and located next to New Jersey) called eBible Fellowship has proclaimed that their deity will destroy the whole world by fire.  Because…blood moon and Bible interpretations.

I’m not providing a link because I do not direct traffic to stupid peoples’ sites.  More traffic only enourages them.

Recommendations for the week?  If you have $2,289.96 (depending on the exchange rate), you can buy a Flying Carpet Coffee Table from Duffy London.

Or, you could make one yourself by supergluing a flying-carpet-looking rug to a sheet of plywood, and attaching that to something that is not seen easily unless you lie down on the floor next to the table (strong but thin metal stand, for example).

I think I am going to discuss this with Nancy Downstairs, because if anyone can figure out how to make it, she can.  And I need a coffee table anyway, so why not?

Be good.  Be kind.  Don’t look the other way.


4 thoughts on “October, Gently.

  1. SusanU

    I so appreciate your very helpful explanation of ways to be there for women and children dealing with many types of violence. As we know, not all of it is hitting. Bless ya, sister!



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