“La la la la I Can’t Hear You…”

So, yes, this is something that makes people uncomfortable, either hearing about how the “less-than-fortunate” live, or hearing about how others misperceive and try to foist those misperceptions on others.

The thing is, though, if people decide to not listen, or not attempt to educate others when someone’s wrongheadedness is rained down on them in an unasked-for conversation, then there is no dialogue.

If someone is making their statements as part of a monologue, or with the assumption that the other person is going to nod or make noises of agreement, and the other person just walks away after telling them to be quiet, then nothing is resolved.

No understanding is engendered.  Nothing and no one changes.

The person making hateful comments thinks, “Well that just reinforces my idea that poor people are rude ingrates”, or “stupid liberal, telling ME to be quiet!”

The other person walks away feeling crappy, and possibly worried they will lose their job.

Very few people can get out of conversations like that gracefully, tactfully, and with a zen-like attitude of “I am not going to let this bother me”.

And if they can, um…how exactly does this change anything?  Of course, it doesn’t.

People like that – who sail through life telling others that anything that isn’t upbeat is “negative”, “attracts negativity”, and that everyone should just refocus on the positive – are people who do not have to worry about being homeless, hungry, cold, unable to pay bills, or wonder how they’re going to get through another day of physical or emotional pain.

They are happy with the status quo, and don’t care how anyone else lives, as long as they have their little pocket of zen-like calm and material comfort.

They never, ever think about how they got to where they can live that way.  It was never due to only their efforts (because no one is an island, I don’t care who they are), or their deity heaping blessings on them, or because they adhere to nonsense like “The Secret”.

Aside #2: “The Secret” is a philosophy that is based on “the laws of attraction”.  By misinterpreting the laws of physics – which most people, myself included, don’t really understand – adherents tell people that “the universe” will send things their way if they really want them.  

So, if you want a car, you think, “I have a car” over and over again until you actually have one.  

If you think, “I can’t afford a car”, you will never, ever have one.  Well, you can buy one of course, but you won’t just all of a sudden acquire a car.  Because the universe says, “Ok you can’t afford it, so you can’t have one, nyah nyah I’m not sending one.”

And people think pagans are delusional?!

Anyway, if no one ever discusses anything, nothing ever changes.  And it’s odd, because what some people find not acceptable to discuss will find other things perfectly ok to discuss.

In this case, the case of the guest, she had no problem discussing and criticizing Trump’s position on refugees.

What she undoubtably would have not wanted to discuss, I am guessing, is what it’s like for refugees, what they need, and how people can help them.

Because then she might have to actually do something.

Do something, or stick her fingers in her ears and sing, “la la la la…”

Weirdness of the day comes from the NBC website.  If you didn’t think people who work for Fox News were incredibly egocentric and stupid, here’s this story called Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Sues Over Hasbro’s ‘Harris Faulkner’ Toy Hamster”, by M. Alex Johnson, NBC website, 9/1/2015.

The best part of the story is where her lawyers object to the ‘Harris Faulkner’ being a choking hazard warning on the box!

Today’s recommendation is for a very funny book called “Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead” by Christiana Miller.  It’s a story about 2 pagans, a ghost, and a bunch of other stuff but the reason I recommend it is because it very accurately describes how we pagans look at the world. I emailed the author and thanked her for writing it, and she very kindly responded.

Get it on Barnes and Noble here.  Right now it’s FREE for Nook.

Be good.  Be kind.   That feeling of discomfort is trying to tell you to do something.





2 thoughts on ““La la la la I Can’t Hear You…”

  1. SusanU

    Victoria, as I read your article, a thought came to mind. Sometimes I read your articles right away, and sometimes I wait until later when I have more time to read them. It is about time and attention span. Some of us can only read a certain amount of text before losing concentration and stopping reading. When I started writing my blog, I was advised to limit articles to less than 300 words to encourage people to read them. It’s challenging to write within that limit, but I believe it makes me more effective as a writer.


  2. Victoria Post author

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad when you or anyone reads my blog posts, at any time. It’s definitely not a short read, for sure, but I’m not likely to cut it back to 300 words – many times it’s more like writing short stories about my life (keeping in mind that the purpose, the main purpose, of the blog is to leave a record of what life was like in these times, through my eyes). That’s why the posts are so long.

    That being said, however, I think if people do not read it because it’s too long, I do appreciate them saying that. It’s at least an answer.



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