“That’s Not Telling It Like It Is. It’s Just Wrong.” – Barack Obama

This page is health-related.

The “mystery illness” has gotten a bit worse.  I am still running a fever on a nightly basis, with right flank pain (just a dull ache, nothing spectacular) and nausea.  I am not eating much.

I am also experiencing vertigo, which I’ve had for some months now but only occasionally had to take a Dramamine (when flying, for example) – now I take it nearly every day, whether I travel or not because I am dizzy a lot.

Yesterday I went to my pain clinic appointment and discovered my systolic blood pressure (top number) had dropped 20 points (to 98) – for some reason, they found this more alarming than when my bp is high.  They advised me to take my blood pressure daily and go to the hospital if it remained low.

I don’t have a blood pressure monitor and I cannot afford one.  So, just as I was advised by Dr. Wonderful that I had to go to Pittsburgh for tests, this is nearly impossible right now.

Most likely I will take the bus to a store with a bp monitor and check it there.  That’ll be at least 2 hours out of my day, doing that.

I guess the dizziness might be due to the blood pressure thing, except it’s been going on a lot longer than my bp change (last month, at the clinic, my bp was normal).  So, maybe it is and maybe it’s not.

I feel just awful.  I have today off so I am resting.

I still do not think it’s particularly serious – I mean, how serious could it be since it seems to be getting worse at such a slow rate?  In any case, I cannot afford to do anything about it right now.

In addition, my glasses no longer are working well for me, and so I need to see the eye doctor.

I cannot afford glasses.  Medicare will not pay for them.  I could ask the Lion’s Club again, but the frames they offer are all metal and cause a rash on my face.  I don’t wear them unless I absolutely have to (like to read, for example) due to the reaction to the metal.

I need plastic frames.  I cannot afford them.  Heck, I am not talking designer frames here, just ones made from plastic.  But…gotta save up for those.

So that is the state of my health.  Highly uncomfortable but not enough to spur me on to see the doctor, who no doubt will just try to send me to Pittsburgh…again.  I figure if it gets worse and I end up in the ER, by that time some test somewhere will tell them what’s wrong.

Weird news of the week comes from the Huffington Post.  A man wants popcorn banned from movie theaters because it’s “too noisy”:

“This Guy Wants Popcorn Banned Inside Movie Theaters”, Lee Moran, Huffington Post website, 1/15/2016.

Recommendation for the week: An oldie but a goodie, “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff: Christ’s Childhood Pal” by Christopher Moore.  Laugh-out-loud funny!

Be good.  Be kind.   Be well.



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