Oh, Brothers!

Finally, one thing I wanted to mention was an interview with Sanders on 5/29/2106, when he was asked about encouraging his followers to vote for Clinton if he doesn’t get the nomination.

His response:

“But if Secretary Clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case as to why she is going to defend working families and the middle [class], provide health care for all people, take on Wall Street, deal aggressively with climate change. That is the candidate’s job to do.” – “Sanders Says It’s Clinton’s Responsibility To Bring His Supporters Into The Fold”, Sam Stein, Huffington Post website, 5/29/2016.

That is partly true.  But there is a long tradition of the losing candidate graciously conceding and encouraging their supporters to back the nominee.  Clinton did it, actually, from the convention floor, when she endorsed the President.  There were hints before then that she would concede, too.

It’s that ego thing I was writing about last time, see?  What’s it going to hurt for Sanders to say, “If she wins the nomination I will help her defeat Trump”, instead of “I will do everything I can to defeat Trump”?

Or how about “She has to do some work to sway people to support her, but I will encourage my supporters to vote for her”?   He can’t defeat Trump alone, just criticizing him from the sidelines. Or does he think he has that much power?

He can’t even admit the possibility he won’t win the nomination?  Or is he essentially saying, “Hey, I’m an independent, if I don’t get nominated I will take my supporters and run as a third party candidate”?


Plenty of other politicians seem to be very concerned with Sanders’ feelings, albeit in some odd language suggesting a “senior as child” point of view:

“I think we should be a little graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own.” – Joe Biden, “Biden on Sanders: We Should be a Little Graceful”, Ted Barrett, Eugene Scott, Tom LoBianco, Manu Raju, CNN Politics website, 6/8/2016).

Patronizing, isn’t it?

Really strange, that statement, considering that Biden is 73, and Sanders is 74.  But I have seen and heard this within my elders, a sort of false division between seniors who supposedly have their stuff together, and those that they consider just on the cusp of childlike, demented behavior.

The idea behind treading softly is supposedly to prevent Sanders’ supporters from stomping off and either not voting, or voting for a 3rd party candidate (or, ridiculously, voting for Trump, which I don’t think any true Sanders supporter would do).

That really underestimates his supporters, I think.  Although the majority of them are young, it’s not as if they are particularly radical or inclined to start riots – I don’t care what the press is trying to imply, the violence at Trump rallies is due to provocation by right-wing idiots Trump supporters, as most of us are just sick of their hateful, angry rhetoric.

Heck, I know I have felt like throwing a punch or two myself, these Trump people are so awful.

Again, I have to wonder – what is it about Sanders that his ego has to be protected in this manner?  Or is it a case of some people just fearing the words “socialist” and “revolution”?

That is patently ridiculous, in my opinion.  If you look at Sanders’ record of cooperation with people to get things done (with developers in Vermont, for example), it hardly indicates some truculent third party candidate who can’t play nice with “capitalists”.   He’s really not that far to the left, compared to the CP or SWP, for example.

Yet, I don’t recall any candidate for office who was so…well…coddled by others in politics. Nor do I recall any candidate who seemed to be implying that he is the only politician with the “morally correct” stand on things.  Just the fact that Sanders has so many supporters should be evidence that there are others out there who could run in the future on the same kinds of platform issues.

It’s not about Sanders.  It’s not about ego.

The most important thing right now is to stop Trump and kick reactionary Republicans out of office.  The country’s “soul”, as it were, is at stake here.  That’s bigger than anything else right now.

And we need all the alliances we can possibly get at this point.

Weird news?  It doesn’t get much weirder than the Crazy World of Trump.  He made a statement about the judge who sits on the case against Trump and Trump University lawsuits (alleged fraud).  Trump stated the judge could not be fair because he is “a Mexican”:

“I’m building a wall. He’s a Mexican.  It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”

After people reacted sanely, by denouncing this as racist, Trump tried to defend it.  Then he said “I don’t want to discuss it.”  Now he says, “My words were misconstrued.”

Trump World, where down is up, wrong is right, and bigotry is “telling it like it is.”

Recommendations?  Well, as I am housebound, I have a TV show for you, called “Houdini and Doyle”.  It’s a passable show on Fox.  The premise is Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle teaming up to solve weird mysteries (somewhat along the lines of “X Files”, but not as strange). It kinda has a steampunk feel to it, as well.  I like it.

I also recommend anything Charlie Smith is in.  List coming soon, or he is welcome to list them here in the comments section.  Oh yeah, he’s one of those wonderful Falls Church men I wrote about, and a great friend.

Be good.  Be kind.  “Think for yourself, question authority” (Tim Leary).



2 thoughts on “Oh, Brothers!

  1. SusanU

    Victoria, I am sad that you are battling ill health. A dear friend of mine had an angry gall bladder and eventually had it surgically removed. It wasn’t easy for her, but she feels much much better now. I hope you can receive effective medical help for your situation so you can feel better, too.


  2. Victoria Post author

    Thanks for your kind words, Susan. The good news is that most of my other tests came out normal, so I am glad for the good health that I do have. I’m sure once this gallbladder comes out, I will be fine.



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