Mispauperism, Right and Left

Still, the insults continue.  Every time a 45 supporter says or does something stupid, the majority of these “progressives” on these sites start with smugly “noting” that we poor folks sure are racist asshats!

I got tired of arguing with them.  The most I got through to any of them, it seems, was when someone said, “Yeah, but YOU’RE not a typical poor person!”

I can bet y’all know what I thought about that!

So I started throwing it back at them, hoping they’d get the hint.

Whenever they wrote stuff like, “So stupid! So racist!” and things like that, I replied, “Yes, the middle class sure is dumb (or racist, or homophobic, basically whatever they wrote).”

They didn’t get it.  Oh, one person asked me “how did we get here?” in response, so I told her.   I even told her I enjoyed her posts and wasn’t trying to irk her (none of it was aimed at her anyway).  No reply.

And, despite my many, MANY posts to the contrary, I had a moderator accuse me of being a Trump supporter, and then told me to knock it off.   Clearly he is dimwitted, or didn’t bother to read anything I wrote.

The final straw – for them, anyway – was when they deleted a comment of mine that stated that it’s not a progressive mindset to call anyone “genetically inferior”, “a rider on the short bus”, a “retard”, or an ‘inbred”.  That this name-calling denigrates other-abled and special needs people, as well as reducing fascist thought to some kind of defect people are born with.

It is eugenics talk.  It is Nazi talk.  It is in no way progressive talk.

And, anyway…fascists are made, not born.  Most people with different abilities or developmental delays are kind, and don’t promote hate by word or deed.  In fact, most of them run into hate directed towards them on a fairly regular basis.  To connect these people with fascists is unfair, untrue, and dangerous for them.

I was cautioned to “read the terms of service”.  I didn’t find anything in the TOS that says you can’t call people out for attacking oppressed people.  I didn’t find anything in the TOS that says middle class and upper middle class people can never be struggled with.

I stopped commenting on sites.  But it still bothers me, this hatred of the poor.  We are the most vulnerable – often disabled, and/or elderly, many times without the means to do anything (like go to demonstrations or meetings), or just plain too sick to advocate for ourselves – and I wonder, who are these “progressives” standing up for?

Themselves.  They are standing up for themselves.  THEY don’t want to lose their ACA (because, of course, none of them are on Medicare/Medicaid), THEY don’t want more homeless people on the street in front of their favorite coffee shop (“ew!”), THEY don’t want people with mental illnesses out of psych hospitals…basically, they can’t be inconvenienced…by the poor and our problems.

They claim to hate fascists but they complain about the Democratic Party’s “mistake” in embracing identity politics and “political correctness” – and they don’t see how this is essentially what the fascists say.

They claim to hate racists and say dumbass things like, “I don’t see color” – completely missing the fact that this statement renders peoples’ identities invisible.  Or they say, as one commenter did about the horrid Facebook app that can change peoples’ pics to different races – “it’s just like normal, except you’re black”, and then jump on me for making the comment “bangs head on keyboard”.  They don’t see these things as fascist points of view, of dismissing people, of trying to make people invisible.

They praise Antifas on one hand, and then go into this “both sides are violent” crap, which completely supports the fascists, those fascists that the Antifas are brave enough to stand up to. They continue to bleat that “all lives matter”, completely parroting the fascists, those fascists that the BLM people are also bravely standing up to.

How about this, you “progressive commenters”?  Get off your computers and go down to the next Charlottesville, Va pro-fascist rally, and stand up for people other than your own damn selves.  You have cars.  You have money.  I would ask you to pick up some poor folk along the way, but I know how you hate us stinking up your luxury SUVs.

What if every fascist rally was met with 5,000 or more counter-demonstrators?  How long do you think that would last until they turned tail and ran for their lives?

How can you leave these BLM and Antifa activists out on their own, fighting for democracy and fighting to smash fascism?  How can you do that, especially since they keep getting battered and killed?

Your wealth is wasted on you.  And you want us to suffer so you can have more of it.  Just like the 1%.

Weird news of the week: Not very weird, but certainly extremely cute!  Big Pikachu parade in Japan!

Recommendations for this week: The President Show on Comedy Central.  Funny, brilliant, and the best impression of 45 EVER (yes, better than Baldwin’s).

Be good.  Be kind.   Pika, Pika, PikaCHU!  (Sorry/not sorry heh)







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