Single-Minded, Double-Visioned…and Getting Worse.

None of this is as bad as:

Immigrant children in cages.

800,000+ people potentially out of work – again – if the Idiot doesn’t get his wall and decides to shut down the government.

59 million people out of food stamps – again due to another shutdown – and food pantries that are overburdened at the best of times.  Side note #5: I am one of 59 million.  I want Nancy Pelosi to hold the line and not give the Idiot his wall.

Voter suppression.  GOP dirty tricks.

Stacking the SCOTUS and circuit courts with right-wing asshats.

Getting rid of deductions so that most people who usually get tax refunds will now have to pay when they file.  I know, I’m a right bitch when it comes to the middle and upper-middle classes, but this shit’s not fair and I don’t enjoy seeing people suffer.

And about a zillion other things I’m sure you can think of.

So I try not to feel sorry for myself, and often I don’t.  Because I’m too busy being angry at what the Republicans are doing to everyone, on behalf of the 1%.  It’s heartbreaking.

Mostly, quite honestly, I’m just scared.  I would like to move back to Memphis, but now that I am supporting 2 people (and 2 cats) on SSI, I can’t see my way clear to do that.  My bills are falling farther and farther behind, and, despite everyone on the news stating that we have “full employment”, my adult child who lives with me cannot find a job, anywhere.

I’m sick and I’m broke.  If I could just get a diagnosis and treatment, maybe I could go out and work at Target or something (I won’t lie, I love Target!).  I’ve always been able to fall back on working retail, when need be.  But right now, I can barely leave the apartment.

Gah, I hate writing all that.  I’m going to try to pick up the blog weekly again, writing about 45 and all his disgusting ways, as well as writing about the young people who are fighting to make things better.  Gotta have some balance and, since Democrats took the House, we finally can.

Latest (nonpolitical) weirdness: “Police Use Little Debby Snack to Catch Loose Chicken”.  I have no comment except to say it was nice of them to do that.

Recommendation for the day: It’s a weird one, but Amazon has some really nice eye patches for those who need them for…whatever.  If you have binocular diplopia, they could help.  They come in various colors!  Haven’t bought them myself but they look cool.

And you don’t have to get pirate ones, unless you’re into that and you look like Johnny Depp – in which case, please send pics! Arrr!

Be good. Be kind.  Please accept my apologies.







4 thoughts on “Single-Minded, Double-Visioned…and Getting Worse.

  1. Gary Ammons

    First off glad to here from you. I can sympathize with the double vision as I had it in my left eye for a month. Dr, thought TIA bit MRI was clear and it finally went away. I was told the prism glasses too. Figured an eye patch pirate thing would be better but it cleared up. I am curious if you have had a full body ultra sound?

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  2. Victoria Post author

    Hi, my friend! Good to hear from you!

    I haven’t had a full body ultrasound, no. I see the neurologist on Feb 20 and I have no idea what he’s going to say. I called him and asked his nurse if he wanted me to have more tests before I come in again, but was told “if he thinks you need more tests, he’ll order them!” Well, geez, just wanted to get ahead of things so I don’t wait almost a month, go in, then get sent for tests, and so on. Makes more sense to just order more tests before my next appointment. I hope it’s not another round of “I have no idea what’s wrong with you”.

    I was hoping the diplopia would resolve on its own but it’s getting worse, and it’s been almost a year. This just isn’t right.


  3. gary

    You need to get the full body ultra sound to determine any thinning , blockage or closures in your vascular system. Check cholesterol and red and white blood cell count and your blood oxygen level. Nearly all of your symptoms can be explained by poor or closed off blood circulation. Nothing to lose as it will let you know of any possible problem areas are present.. The MRI cannot determine any of the above causations. Take care and be strong.



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