The Ebola Outbreak of 2014, Part 2

The reaction to this in my area of the country (Ohio is next to PA) is not getting much press, but people are concerned:

“Two Ohio Residents Being Watched for Ebola” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/19/2014

This story refers to 2 out of 27 people in Ohio being watched. I guess they came in close contact with Ms. Vinson. They live about 100 miles from Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, hospitals in PA are preparing themselves:

“Pittsburgh-Area Facilities Fine-Tune Ebola Controls”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/15/2014

They are conducting drills and educating healthcare workers on Ebola.

Here in Altoona (which is 10 miles from Hollidaysburg, and 98 miles from Pittsburgh)…

“Hospital Ebola Preps”, WeAreCentralPa, 10/13/2014

UPMC Altoona has an isolation ward.  And I hope a lot more sense than I have noticed in my dealings with their ER.  Not the worst, but they could do better.

And now, another reason for people to hate Philadelphians:

“Ebola Comment Gets Passenger Hazmat Escort from Plane”, CNN Online, 10/9/2014

I will post sometime on the extreme dislike many central PA residents have for Philadelphians.  Think “heroin”.  Think “gangs”.  Think of poor little Altoona being woefully unprepared and easily manipulated by street-wise thugs.

Anyway, this guy yells, “I have Ebola! You’re all screwed” as the plane was taking off. He was coughing, by the way. As he was being escorted off the plane, he was heard to remark that he was “just joking”

By the way, the plane went all the way to its destination in the Dominican Republic (from Philadelphia) with this idiot onboard. I can already see the lawsuits for emotional distress that will be filed against this airline.

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