The Ebola Outbreak of 2014, Part 2

This latest news, however, is as frightening as it is sad – a “dozen or so” CDC nurses caring for an infant in a Sierra Leone hospital have contracted Ebola, and a few have died. The baby’s mother had passed from the disease, and the baby tested negative for Ebola but the hospital knew the baby could have Ebola anyway – and he/she did (the article doesn’t say whether the baby was a boy or a girl). The nurses had kept the baby near them instead of the Ebola ward, and presumably picked him/her up, changed diapers and so on. This is a hospital that knows how to take precautions, so I am assuming the nurses were careful not to come into direct contact with body fluids…

So how did they contract the virus? By picking the child up? But…that’s not supposed to transmit Ebola. Yet according to the article, “the CDC workers had it drummed it into them that one of the most dangerous things they could do was touch another human being” (“When Caring Kills: Ebola Kills Nurses Who Touched Baby”, NBC News, 10/21/2014).

Is it any wonder people are panicking?

So, even though things are much better for Nigeria, in the rest of the world, not so much. Keep kind thoughts for everyone devastated by this disease. I’ll keep you updated each week until it is all over (hopefully soon).

FYI, here is a fact sheet on Ebola from MedicineNet:

Ebola Symptoms
Early: Fever, headache,weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, joint pain, decreased appetite
Later: Rash, eye redness, hiccups, cough, chest pain, internal bleeding, visible bleeding, difficulty breathing and swallowing

Symptoms appear 2-21 days after exposure, avg time is 10 days
(“What Are Ebola Virus Disease Symptoms and Signs?” MedicineNet, 2014)

Not much to go on, is it? Get your flu shots, just so you won’t be too stressed.

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