Recommendations I Forgot

I have been forgetting to add recommendations to my posts, so here are two:

“Static”, 2012 thriller starring Milo Ventimiglia, Sara Paxton, and Sarah Shahi.  Now you may think that, judging from the cover they show (person wearing a gas mask), that this is similar to “The Strangers”, the 2008 movie that kept me awake many nights after viewing it (yes, it is that scary, especially when you are told the reason for all the killing and mayhem)…um but no, it’s not.  It’s not a zombie movie, either, or some post-apocalyptic thing.  You won’t guess in a gazillion years what that gas mask is for, and I am not going to tell you!

“Static” is a terrific, suspenseful movie, though it starts out a little slow….there are hints, though.  Why the shot of the realtor sign in the very beginning?  Why, when the wife hurts her foot, do we see no blood, and a limp that’s on again/off again?  No, that’s not a mistake, it’s a clue.

I read the spoiler before I saw the movie and I still loved it.  But I’m like that – I often read who the murderer is at the end of the book before I get into the second chapter or so.  I am never one who says, “Oh don’t tell me what happens you’ll SPOIL it!” because that never spoils anything for me.  I don’t know why.

I guess I have a low tolerance for suspense.

But since you are probably not like that, I am not going to say anything more except watch the movie.  It’s not terribly long, and the acting is very good also.

Oh, and go watch “The Strangers” if you think you can stand it.  It’s somewhat violent at the end, but the creepy scenes in the beginning are worth it, I think.

The second recommendation I am going to make is for Zedge, which is not a book or a movie, but an app.  But you guys knew that already, you smartphone-savvy people you!  It’s a great site for downloading wallpaper and stuff, and ringtones…like, um, “Oye” by Pitbull, which is now my default ringtone!  I did download another of his songs, also totally in Spanish, but I did it by sending it to my Gmail, then downloading that to my phone, then saving the attached ringtone in downloads.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get it out of downloads and into ringtones.  So I am waiting for an answer from a Moto G forum I posted the question on.  I consider myself fortunate that I found the ‘downloads’ app.

Anyway, if I had just used Zedge the first time, meaning the app on my phone instead of the Zedge website, I would be pondering which Pitbull ringtone to set as default.

My cats are happy now, because no matter what Tool song I set as the default ringtone, they would startle at the sound of Maynard’s singing/screaming.   I’ll still keep “The Pot” as an alarm, though, because it’s really good at waking me up.  And I have a few Tool ringtones set for certain contacts, like “Opiate” for my pain clinic!  (Think Marx, not oxycontin)

So, those are my recommendations for now.  I will add more on Wednesday, as usual.


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