Who Ya Gonna Call? Um…

The rest were absolutely adamant that this was not a spirit, or any kind of being who was trying to communicate.  I mean, foot-stomping adamant.  Very curious.

It was curious to me because I had read posts elsewhere, with much less activity, and the response was always something like, “I sense this is a child who is playing, leave a toy out for it” or “it’s trying to draw your attention to _______”, or things like that.

Why this insistence that my activity was different?

A few of the sites were supposedly there to help people with this kind of problem. To a man (or woman), they all told me that it wasn’t possible that something was trying to communicate with me.  But they all gave answers to the other people who posted, usually identifying who/what was causing it.

And then it dawned on me, as I read other posts that got a different answer from mine…

…they saw me as future competition.  Hence the massive amounts of discouragement.

Because maybe, if they really had consistent activity around them, no matter where they went, they wouldn’t have to make shit up.  They could have cameras in their houses and document the activity (they would have a long wait, as the activity is few and far between except around Samhain).

Maybe, from my posts, they got the idea that they wouldn’t just be able to say, “Oh that’s some auntie of yours” because I then would want to know, “which auntie?” or “how do I ask her that?” or some other kind of meaningful response.

My posts were different because I wasn’t expressing fright at what was happening.  Everyone else just wanted the activity to stop.  Or know who it was, but not actually communicate directly with it…because that’s too scary (understandbly so).

Gee, what if I could communicate with “it” and then took that show on the road?  Why, I’d make a fortune!  Because, unlike these woo-heads, I would actually be telling the truth.  I wonder, would “it” expose TV mediums?  That would be a hoot!!

But see, I don’t think like that.   There are things I will do for money, and things I won’t do for money.  Helping people with psychiatric problems, I will do that for money.

Helping people with spiritual problems, I won’t do that for money.

The difference is, as a therapist I am using science to help people.  Proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques.

As a neo-Pagan, I would be using intuition, a belief system, and other non-scientific methods to help people.  Things that are not proven to work.  Things that I can’t even explain how they work.  And, like Aunt Clara – the bumbling witch on the TV series “Bewitched” – I have no idea what the consequence of my spellwork would be.

Aside #3: Will someone please tell me how to get fair use pics of people like Marion Lorne, who played Aunt Clara on “Bewitched”?  I am oh-so-tired of just linking to IMBd and the like, and when I print this blog out for future folks they won’t be able to use the links anyway.  I used to just right-click and save on my Windows PC, but now that I have a MacBook Pro…no idea how to do that.

So, anyway, the thought that I would establish communication with a “spirit” or what-have-you, then make that public, sends a feeling of revulsion down my spine.  For one thing, this house would be beseiged by “ghost hunters”, “mediums”, and every nutcase this side of Pittsburgh.

Nancy would be understandably upset.  And once the landlady found out, no doubt I would be evicted (and possibly sued for damaging the house’s reputation).

Once my name was out there, I would become fair game for everyone and, if I ever had even a whisper of hope of working again as a therapist, that would be long, long gone.

Aside #4: Although there are some people within the therapeutic community who already know some things…my former co-workers.  The clinic actually has a “haunted office”, they told me (though that wasn’t the office I had).  

However, one time I opened my locked office only to find all the pictures that I had hung leaning against the wall as if someone had taken them down and put them aside.   No one had been in there. Another time, there was an awful banging on my office wall, a wall that only went to the outside – we all went to investigate and..nothing.

They became scared of me, especially when they found out I was Wiccan (though it gave them a good excuse to give me all the neo-Pagan/goth cases they had).  One therapist was a ghost hunter but she wouldn’t let me tag along because she was convinced I “attracted things”.  Gee, I would think that would be a bonus but ok.  Her idea was that I was “possessed.”  This, from someone who was scared of a client because red-eye turned up in her picture.  Sheesh.

Of course, the obvious up-side would be that I could make a lot of money doing this, and wouldn’t have to work as a therapist or worry about having a place to live.

But that’s not enough of an up-side to make it worth the disruption, ridicule, and other chaos that would ensue.  I am much too naive and trusting to just put myself out there like that.  And, in general, I am not an outgoing person who likes being approached by strangers.

So, no.  I wouldn’t do that.

This is just another example of elitism, I guess.  Worried about their own livelihood, and trying hard to maintain this persona that is somehow on a higher spiritual plane than the rest of us poor slobs, people who make money from “ghost hunting” or mediumship are very wary of anyone else who potentially might have clients or a TV spot or whatever.

They have to make everything more mysterious, more scary – as if it isn’t scary and mysterious enough having something bang around your apartment – in order to project this idea that only certain “special” people can have contact with an unseen…something.

Helping another person make contact by themselves?  That would be, as we say in Memphis, “too much like right.”  It’s like meditation, in a way – there are tons of people who charge to teach it (particularly the TM people) – when all it is, is a very simple technique that I have taught people for years, for free.

Anyone can do it.  In fact, the most astonishing thing about meditation is the fact that people actually charge money to teach it.  My own parents paid some stupid amount of money for me to learn it, initially.  And I was told at the time that my mantra was secret, and never to reveal it to anyone!

I have since given countless people my mantra.  For free.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that people charge for this.

Of course, this is one reason I am still poor.  Oh I have some mad skills in the woo department, I admit.  But I just wouldn’t feel right charging people for any of it.

Oh well.  So, I guess, after all is said and done, my recourse now is to find a tape recorder and see if the whatever-it-is has anything to say.

A tape recorder, and an extra place at the table with a cup of coffee.

Today’s weirdness comes from Amazon.  An earth-shaped fire pit.  Now you can really set the world on fire!!!   For only $1,490!  (That would be something stupid I would buy if I had a lot of money, I will admit)

Or something like this, if I had a job or a desire to save up for it (more moderately priced at just over $100):

Stars and Moons Fire Pit

As for book/film recommendations, I have none.  I’ve been doing my “getting close to autumn” cleaning – where I basically throw a lot of stuff out, clean everything with disinfectant wipes and bleach, and move the furniture around.

I have had this horrible vision lately of me becoming incompacitated in some manner, and having people enter my apartment and not be able to find important papers and what-not, or even worse…thinking I am a terrible housekeeper!  At my age, and with a mystery illness and all, it’s not completely insane that I think like that…right? Right???

(Ok, maybe a little anxiety…)

But, here is a recipe for carmelized onions, which can be made while you are cleaning and tossing and moving and such:

2 tbsp olive oil

about 15-18 thick slices of onions (about 3 onions)

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp sugar

1/4 c. balsamic vinegar (you can use others but I like this the best)

pepper if you want (I don’t use it but you might like it)

**one head of garlic

In a really large skllet, heat the oil and then add the sliced onions.  Once the onions have softened a bit (translucent), add the sugar, salt, and vinegar.  Stir.  Lower heat and cook for about an hour.  This isn’t something you rush, and it’s well worth the time.  Alternately, you can do this in a slow cooker.  These will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.  You can also freeze them.

**If I make these in the oven or slow cooker, I add one head of garlic – separated into peeled cloves.  It cooks up nice and sweet and makes a great addition to the onions.

This goes great with, and on, nearly everything.

Be good.  Be kind.   “We are but a moment’s sunlight, fading in the grass.” – Dino Valenti, aka Chet Powers, 1937-1994.









5 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call? Um…

  1. Charlie Smih

    I saw this quote the other day. It was referring to televangelists but it also applies to mediums, seers, etc.

    When you meet a man of God and he starts asking for your money, run as fast as you can in the other direction.


  2. charlies5169

    I have always disliked… No, HATED TV preachers who ask for money, ever since I was a little kid. I used to watch my grandmother, who was widowed and disabled, and had very little money, sending $5 or $10 to those bastards. That was a lot of money in the early 60s, and she absolutely could not afford it. Yet she would watch these slick bastards plea for donations, in their nice tailored suits, and sure enough, stuff an envelope.

    Even as a kid, I knew that wasn’t right.


  3. Victoria Post author

    As I was searching for channels today, I was only able to pick up CBS – which, unfortunately, had the 700 Club on. So I was sitting there, breaking down boxes (part of that whole pre-Autumn cleaning/sorting/tossing out thing I’m still doing) and watching ol’ Pat Robertson put his foot in his mouth yet again – answering a viewer’s question with an anecdote about how a man left his wife because he didn’t feel he made enough money, only to find out later that the wife then contracted a terminal illness – therefore, Pat concluded, “The Lord” saved the man from being stuck in a “horrible situation” having to care for a terminally ill wife (how “The Lord” made the man run away is anyone’s guess – by making sure he didn’t have a good job???).

    I really think I hate him now.

    These are the kinds of men and women who take peoples’ (like your grandma) money. No compassion, just greedy hypocrites.



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