Small World, Small Minds

And I don’t hear him complaining about seniors on “regular” social security who make more money than a lot of people do working, what with retirement funds and senior programs and all that.

Because a lot of Americans think that just by being elderly, or just by serving in the military, you are entitled to things.  Things that other Americans – like children or mentally disabled people or people with alcohol/drug problems – should not be entitled to.

Because…poor people should never have children so too bad for the children if they’re born (“sins of the father”, or “not my problem”)…

…having a mental impairment is something you can pull yourself out of and, if not, we should just bring back the institutions so we don’t have to see or deal with people like that…

…having a drug or alcohol problem is a moral failing that can be “cured” by just not using, and/or praying to a certain deity, and/or being kept in jail, and/or being cut off from any help so they’re forced to, what, exactly?  Just lay down and starve/freeze to death?

Aside #3:  I am not arguing that veterans should not get benefits, or that they get more benefits than others. Certainly the healthcare veterans receive in this country is nothing short of appalling, as appalling as it is for poor folk – the difference being, though, that the VA is shorter on staff and has even more messed-up funding than Medicaid.

My point is, I think healthcare is a universal right – like food and shelter.  I don’t think anyone is any more “entitled” to it than anyone else.

And I cannot stand it when people who are suffering then decide to inflict or blame suffering on other people who are just as bad off as they are.  It tells me they’ve been manipulated, and it also tells me that somewhere along the way they forgot how to empathize.

So hurt and damaged by their own problems, their response is to become bitter and more entitled than the people they are criticizing.  They are not looking at what the problem really is, or who is responsible for it.

To be fair, it’s not a popular way to think – that perhaps something is wrong with the system, that it is primarily a class problem that gets helped along by utilizing and exploiting sexism and racism.

Um no.  We don’t talk like that in Central PA, that’s for talk in places like Seattle, I guess.

It hurts my heart and makes me sad to hear people turn on each other that way.

Today’s weirdness comes from YouTube, and it’s a DIY on how to make your own house key. The weirdness really is, though, thinking that anyone who’s locked herself out *cough* would have a lid from a food can, a flame source, and a set of pliers available for use outside.  Or whose lock is actually a padlock, which really isn’t something most people lock their houses with:

Today’s recommendation is for the Domino’s Pizza phone app – because it has great coupons, is easy to use, has a fun order tracker, and…it’s pizza!  Yum!  Available through Google Play and other phone app places.

Be good.  Be kind.  Another gentle reminder…holidays approaching… please consider poor folk, who need decent food, shelter, or maybe a small gift to cheer them up more so than other times of the year.



2 thoughts on “Small World, Small Minds

  1. SusanU

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It fascinates me to witness expressions of people’s thoughts. Sometimes they make sense to me and sometimes they defy my understanding.



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