Blood Pressure’s Insane, Out With Whole Grain, and the Presidential Campaign

How anyone can support a candidate who mocks and spreads hate about women, minorities, people of different faiths, other-abled folks, and people from other countries is beyond me.

I am sitting here with CNN on, listening to reporters interview Trump supporters who continue to dismiss Trump’s comments on women as “locker room talk”, rather what they really were, which were descriptions of how Trump sexually assaults women with impunity.


Having survived sexual assault myself, I find this interpretation of Trump’s remarks really disheartening.  Especially if it comes from women my age or older, who I would hedge to bet have been sexually assaulted in their lives (one of my experiences was at 17, when I was walking down the street and some random man grabbed my breast – one didn’t call the police back in 1973 because one would have been lectured on: 1. the dangers of walking alone, even in daylight, or 2. the foolishness of wearing summer clothes).

Yet, these folks are so scared of Hillary Clinton – a woman who has done more for women and children in anyone’s lifetime – that they’ll support anyone as long as it’s not her.

Is Hillary going to “get rid of” the second amendment of our Constitution?  Hey, dumb people, the president does not have the power to do that, that’s the Supreme Court and even they would have massive opposition from all sides if they attempted to change one word of what the founding fathers wrote.

Can Trump jail Hillary if elected?  Hey, dumb people, that’s something a dictator does, and is not something any of us (at least on the left, the true supporters of our Constitution) would allow to happen.

Hey, dumb people, are you all closet fascists or something?  Go read a book on how our political system works.  You can’t trounce other peoples’ human rights just to advance what you think is a “God-given” agenda!

Tell you what, we really need free higher education so that all these right-wingers can go to school and learn about our country and what it stands for.  That is, if they can be bothered to turn off Fox News and get off their lazy behinds to go learn something.

The irony is that we on the left are more than happy to defend people’s rights under the Constitution – even those of the right-wing – yet the “patriots” who are always screaming about the second amendment don’t think that anyone besides themselves should be afforded the protection of the Constitution.

It doesn’t work that way, folks.  What you believe in is more akin to a dictatorship than a democracy, a democracy you claim to love.  You really ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and be willing to re-read your history and civics books to reconsider your ridiculous positions.

It’s the patriotic thing to do.

Today’s recommendation, for those who haven’t seen it on Facebook, is Microsoft’s 90 second “teaser” for solitaire – which my daughter Helen is in (she is the redhead on the left, with the speaking role):

Hey, every mom has to brag about their kids!!

Be good.  Be kind.  Don’t be ignorant.  And remember to vote!!


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